The most interesting new advertising space

Over six million unique viewers.
One of the most attractive target groups.
No Adblocking.

The access to generation Y and Z

Youblicity provides perfect access to young target groups between 15 and 35.

More than 6 million viewers watch live streams on more than 5,000 channels. We aggregate them into a single access point: our platform for live stream advertising with managed Service.


Increasing number of viewers across the board in the gaming and e-sports market.

Prize money

Prize money in the millions in events games Fortnite and the DOTA2 International.


Due to the high viewership and interesting target group, marketing is growing strongly.

Display Ads

Place a 16/9 format banner directly in the stream to be on screen around the clock with the community.



The streamer promotes the campaign with up to 140 characters to the viewer. Including promo codes.

Link Panel

Place a graphical asset with short description and link to the product under the stream.

Managed Account

Youblicity suggests the campaign to all suitable streaming influencers, selections are possible. Brand safety is guaranteed. The reporting shows all details. Effortless activation for the agency / advertiser.


According to viewers actually reached. Extensive reports included.


Up to 2 million unique viewers per month. Fully documented in reports./p>

Target group

Selection according to age and interests. Brand Saftey guaranteed.

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