The Ad Platform for Live Streaming


Display Ads

Place a 16/9 format banner directly in the stream to be visible to the community.



The streamer promotes the campaign with up to 140 characters to the viewer. Including promo codes..

Link Panel

Place a graphical asset with short description and link to the product under the stream.

Youblicity – the unique access to the streamers

30% to 40% of the young target groups can be reached via live streaming. Theoretically. And actually the Youblicity platform offers access to the extremely fragmented market with thousands of channels and influencers. Simply book a campaign and start with our Managed Service.


Millions of Uniques in a difficult to reach target group


1-Click Campaigns and Managed Accounts


The streamers know their community


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youblicity helps brands to non-intrusively promote their services and products on live streams, which gives broadcasters the chance to monetize their channels without jeopardizing their viewers experience.

youblicity works directly with the content creators and urges them to make sure to operate in full compliance to the terms of service, code of conduct and contractual obligations  to the platforms they create content on.

youblicity is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Twitch, YouTube Gaming,  Facebook Live or Mixer.